This information concerns those who have registered on the website in order to list their receivers.
In order to continue using your API key after 25 May, you need to add a password to your account, and accept the new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I sent an e-mail to everyone who registered on the site, with a link to a page to carry out these. In case you didn't receive it, please check your spam folder, and then use the password reset feature (which will attempt to send another e-mail with the link).

Please accept it before May 24 23:00 CEST.
If you can't make it by that time, then please register again at SDR.hu to receive a new API key.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I have to do this to make sure I comply with the GDPR (new laws about personal data in the EU).
(The password is required so that you can log in to the site, view, change and delete your personal data.)

Please contact me in case of any problem.

VY 73!

Andras, HA7ILM