Open Source SDR Web App for Everyone!
OpenWebRX is a remote spectrum monitoring solution
with the following features:
  • has AM/FM/SSB/CW/BPSK31 demodulators,
  • uses a lightweight DSP library called libcsdr,
  • has a waterfall display that can be shifted back in time,
  • ...or viewed in 3D!
Test original OpenWebRX receivers! Get it from GitHub!

Do you want to share your SDR receiver with other amateur radio operators?
Let's build a network of remotely controllable SDRs together!

Step 1: Download and install OpenWebRX to your Linux box!
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Step 2: Share your receiver on!
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I have written my thesis on OpenWebRX for my Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering. It contains some additional implementational details on both the web interface and the DSP algorithms.
Download BSc thesis

You can also find my MSc thesis online about digital demodulators in OpenWebRX.
Download MSc thesis

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OpenWebRX on YouTube

OpenWebRX was featured on the Hak5 show, thanks to Darren and Shannon:

I presented OpenWebRX and csdr at the TAPR Digital Communications Conference 2015 in Chicago, IL.
You can download my paper, and also watch my talk:

I would like to say a really big thanks for this opportunity to Steven Bible, N7HPR and Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp, and also to Gary Pearce, KN4AQ for making the video.

I also gave a talk on OpenWebRX at Software Defined Radio Academy 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany:

I gave a talk on OpenWebRX (in Hungarian) at New Tech Meetup, Budapest in March, 2016:

I had the chance to give another talk on recent development related to OpenWebRX and CSDR at Software Defined Radio Academy 2016 in Friedrichshafen:


If you have any questions regarding OpenWebRX, you can contact the developer, András Retzler (HA7ILM).